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Who hasn’t wanted to utter the immortal words, “Bond. James Bond,” while removing a clandestine rifle from a briefcase? With the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 series of pistol-caliber carbines, originally introduced in 2001, the ability to discreetly carry a long arm chambered in a pistol caliber became a reality. The SUB-2000 accomplished this with a simple hinge located at the breech, rendering the firearm inoperable when folded.

As Deputy CEO and Senior Executive Vice President of Armscor Global Defense, Gina Marie Angangco has been described as the “heart of the company”.

For more than 20 years, Deputy CEO and Senior Executive Vice President Gina Marie Angangco has dedicated herself to Armscor Global Defense, in spite of the difficulties faced by a woman in a primarily male industry.

For Arms Corporation of the Philippines, work is more than just making money. It’s about giving back to the communities it operates in.

FORT BONIFACIO, Taguig City – The Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) gratefully received units of pistol and shotgun from ARMSCOR Global Defense, Incorporated on 05August 2019 at Headquarters, Philippine Marines Corps.

MANILA – More than just showcasing their latest firearms, Armscor Global Defense taught citizens on survival tips in times of disaster during their Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo (TACS) at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, Taguig City.

The expo, which ran from Feb. 22-25, showcased survival equipment and sustainability solutions that are essential in a disaster or calamity of major proportions that basic services like water and electricity might be interrupted or totally unavailable.

Handgun not running right? Your lubrication regimen may be to blame.

How to keep your gun a well-oiled machine:

More than 100-years-old and going strong. How the iconic 1911 still remains among the best pistol options.

Why the 1911 is among the best:

If you have owned a firearm at least for the past 10 years, you would know how easy or how difficult it is to have it licensed, depending on how you view life.

It can be so easy, you don’t even have to leave your office or home and in a few days (the number of days depends on how much you pay your fixer) you can have your license. That means you get your neuro and drug tests without having gone anywhere near Camp Crame or a clinic. But it can also be very difficult if you do the right thing and go through the legal route—depending on how you want to live your life.

DTI Chief Encourages Local Firearms and Ammunition Maker Armscor to Increase Capacity to Supply Growing Requirement of the Military, Police

MARIKINA - In his plant visit to Armscor Global Defense, Inc. on 26 March 2019, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez reiterated the government’s thrust to strengthen the country’s manufacturing industry and to create greater manufacturing capacity even as he committed to address the concerns and assist the firearms and ammunition manufacturing sector to be more competitive and productive.

Israeli weapons manufacturers Emtan Karmiel and IWI have won tenders for the supply of thousands of assault rifles to the Philippine National Police. First deliveries of the EMTAN MZ-4 P FRB and the IWI Galil Ace have already arrived at the Philippines.